Organization of Accelerator R&D at DESY

Overview on accelerator R&D facilities and places at DESY.

DESY Accelerator Research Contacts (this is not an organizational unit but a collaboration of scientists from various divisions and groups)
DESY-M Hamburg
Reinhard Brinkmann +494089983197 DESY Director Accelerator Division, Speaker Helmholtz ARD program

Strategic decisions and resources DESY-M

Ralph Aßmann +494089983187 Leading Scientist

Room-temperature technology and accelerator R&D

Hans Weise


Leading Scientist

Super-conducting technology and accelerator R&D

Klaus Flöttmann +494089982052 Senior Physicist

REGAE Project leader, accelerator physics of short and ultra-dense electron beams

Holger Schlarb +494089984454 Group Leader  Leader of ARD-ST3 (ps and fs beams), modern digital electronics, feedbacks, synchronization
Rainer Wanzenberg  +494089982496 Senior Physicist  Accelerator physics storage rings.

Rainer Wanzenberg


 Senior Physicist PETRAIII coordinator. Ultimate emittance storage rings. 
Nicholas Walker  +494089984570  Senior Physicist Linear Collider accelerator R&D, in particular ILC. 
Christopher Behrens  +494089981796 Post-Doc FLASH studies: FLASH2 plasma beam line and experiment

DESY-M Zeuthen

Frank Stephan +494089987338 Senior Physicist PITZ Project Leader, electron beams from photo-cathodes, plasma-induced modulation of long electron bunches          
Jens Osterhoff +494089981854 Senior Physicist

Project Leader FlashForward (beam-driven plasma acceleration), leader Plasma Acceleration Group DESY-FH

Bernhard Schmidt  +494089984943 DESY Group Leader and Lecturer University Hamburg Instrumentation for conventional and advanced beams, plasmas
Key University Hamburg Collaborators
Florian Grüner +494089982468 Professor University Hamburg Medical applications and plasma based light sources.                 
Brian Foster  +494089983201 Humboldt Professor University Hamburg and DESY Head of Helmholtz Virtual Institute on Plasma Acceleration. Colliders for Particle Physics.
Wolfgang Hillert


Professor University Hamburg  FEL accelerator physics, seeding, conventional accelerator physics  
Jörg Rossbach +494089983617 Professor University Hamburg (i.R.)