ARD Lunch Seminar

Scope of the meeting: Presentation and discussion forum for frontier accelerator R&D

Chairmen: Ralph Assmann, Hans Weise
Practical Organisation: Susanne Schäfer (contact: +49 40 8998 1587, email)
Frequency: Friday once a month, external guest speaker by invitation
Procedure: 40min talk, 10min discussion, 40min lunch and discussion
Location: Building 01b, seminar room 4a/b (maps and directions)
Time: 11:30 - 13:00





Next ARD Lunch Seminar: 3.02.2017

List of meetings and links to downloadable files
Date           Speaker           Topic           Links          
 24.02.2017 Gérard Mourou     (IZEST École Politechnique)

Route to TeV/cm, X-ray Wake Field acceleration  
 03.02.2017  Erik Hemsing (SLAC)

Echo enabled harmonic generation: Experimental results, scaling, and sensitivity

 24.06.2016  Alexei Kanareykin  (Euclid TechLabs)

Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration: from x-band to THz

application/pdf Slides (26.2 MB)
 10.06.2016  Konstantin Lotov (Novosibirsk State University)
LCODE: a code for fast simulations of plasma wakefield acceleration
application/ Slides (7.7 MB)
18.03.2016 Barbara Marchetti (DESY)  ARES - An electron linac for reaching the atto-second regime at SINBAD
application/pdf Slides (3.5 MB)
17.04.2015  Uli Wienands (SLAC)  Channeling, Volume Reflection, γ-Ray Production and Acceleration: The Potential of Crystals for Manipulating Electron Beams of High Energy and Intensity   
02.09.2014 Kwang-Je Kim
An X-ray FEL Oscillator—Performance,Challenges, and Implementations
application/pdf Slides (4.6 MB)
Mike Seidel (PSI) Cyclotrons for Research and Medical Application
application/pdf Slides (7.9 MB)
06.06.2014 Guillaume Devanz (CEA) ESS related SRF R&D
application/pdf Slides (7.9 MB)
23.05.2014 Lucio Rossi (CERN) Superconducting Magnets R&D in the 10-20 T Range for Energy Frontier Machines
application/pdf Slides (6.8 MB)
09.05.2014 Zhirong Huang (SLAC) X-ray FEL R&D: brighter, better and cheaper
application/pdf Slides (6.1 MB)
25.04.2014 André Arnold (HZDR) SRF Gun – A Candidate for Future CW Linear Accelerators?
application/pdf Slides (8.0 MB)
28.01.2014 Peter Hommelhoff (University Erlangen) Laser-based Acceleration of Electrons at Dielectric Structures
application/pdf Slides (2.9 MB)


Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL) Colliders - Quo Vadis?: Issues and opportunities for ultra-high energy particle accelerators of far-future
application/download Slides (10.9 MB)


Marc Ross (SLAC) LCLS-II SRF issues and plans
application/download Slides (3.4 MB)


Hasan Padamsee (Cornell University, CLASSE) High Q’s for CW SRF Applications
application/pdf Slides (5.9 MB)


Jacek Sekutowicz (DESY) Towards More Flexibility in Operation of the XFEL Linac
application/pdf Slides (5.3 MB)


Frank Zimmermann (CERN) Future High-Energy Frontier Circular Colliders
application/pdf Slides (8.1 MB)


Matthew Wing (UCL / DESY) The AWAKE Experiment at CERN
application/pdf Slides (8.7 MB)