Accelerator Calendar DESY and World-Wide

Date    Event   Location Link
25.-30.08.2019   FEL19 - 39th International Free-Electron Laser Confernece   Hamburg, Germany  
19.-24.05.2019   IPAC 2019 - 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference   Melbourne, Australia link
04.-06.12.2018   FLASHForward Collaboration Meeting   DESY, Hamburg link
11.-23.11.2018   CAS  Numerical Methods for Analysis, design and Modelling of Particla Accelerators   Thessaloniki, Greece link
9.10.2018   Workshop for Beamline Scientists and Engineers   DESY, Hamburg link
08.-11.10.2018   PIER Graduate Week 2018   CFEL, Hamburg link
07.-12.10.2018   ICXRL 2018 International Conference on X-ray Lasers   Prague, Czech Republic link
1.-5.10.2018   RuPAC 2018 16th Russian Particle Accelerator Conference   Protvino Moskau, Russia link
27.09.2018   10. Beschleuniger Ideenmarkt   DESY, Hamburg link
25.-28.09.2018   Particle Physics Challenges. DESY Theory Workshop   DESY, Hamburg link
23.-28.09.2018   Channeling 2018 - 8th International Conference   Ischia, Italy link
16.-21.09.2018   LINAC'18 - 29th Linear Accelerator Conference   Beijing, China link
12.-14.09.2018   ICRI International Conference for Research Infrastructures 2018   Vienna, Austria link
9.-13.09.2018   IBIC'18 International beam Instrumentation Confernece   Shanghai, China  link
5.-7.09.2018   ARD Hamburg Alliance Klausurtage   DESY, Hamburg link
21.-23.08.2018   Probing strong-field QED in electron-photon interactions workshop   DESY, Hamburg link
12.-17.08.2018    ACC 2018 Advanced Accelerator Concepts   Breckenridge, Colorado, USA link
06.07.2018   EuPRAXA Symposium: Quantum Leap towards the next Generation of Accelerators   Liverpool, UK link
25.-27.06.2018   8th Collaboration Workshop on Longitudinal Diagnostics   DESY, Hamburg link
22.-25.05.2018   ARIES 1st Annual Meeting   Riga, Latvia link
07.-09.05.2018   BLAST 2018 Berkeley Lab Accelerator Simulation Toolkit Workshop   San Francisco, USA link
29.04.-04.05.2018   IPAC 2018 - 9th International Particle Accelerator Conference   Vancouver, Canada link
08.-14.04.2018   FCC week 2018   Amsterdam, Netherlands link
26.-29.03.2018   ALEGRO 2018 workshop   Oxford, UK link
05.-09.03.2018   FLS 2018 Future Light Source   Shanghai, China link
21.02.-06.03.2018   CAS Beam Dynamics and Technologies for Future Colliders   Zürich, Switzerland link
15.-17.01.2017   7th Low Emittance Rings Workshop   CERN, Switzerland link
30.11.-01.12.2017   IZEST Fall Meeting - Ultra high Intensity: New Horizons   Orsay, France link
20.-24.11.2017   EuPRAXIA - Yearly Meeting and 2nd Collaboration Week   Lisbon, Portugal link
09.-10.11.2017   5th ELI-ALPS User Workshop   Szeged, Hungray link
08.-13.10.2017   Ultrafast Optics XI   Jackson, Wyoming link
24.-30.09.2017   3rd European Advanced Accelerator Concepts workshop (EAAC 2017)   Elba, Italy link
06.-07.09.2017   Symposium "90 Years of RF Accelerators" Commemorating the 1927 PhD of Rolf Wideröe   Aachen, Germany link
28.-30.08.2017   Topical Workshop on Injection and Injection Systems   Berlin, Germany link
27.08.-01.09.2017   Laser Plasma Accelerator Workshop (LPAW2017)   Jeju Island, Korea link
38th International Free Electron Laser Conference FEL 2017
  Santa Fe, USA link
20.-24.08.2017   IBIC 2017 International Beam Instrumentation Conference   Grand Rapids, USA link
09.07.-16.07.2017   Advanced School on “Laser-Driven Sources of High Energy Particles and Radiation”   Capri, Italy  
05.-07.07.2017   Plasma Physics by Laser and Applications 2017 (PPLA 2017)   Messina, Italy  
19.-23.06.2017   EuPRAXIA 1st Collaboration Week   DESY, Hamburg link
06.-16.06.2017   CERN Accelerator School "Vacuum for Particle Accelerators"   Glumslov, Sweden link
29.05.-02.06.2017   Future Circular Collider Week 2017 (FCC week 2017)   Berlin, Germany link
14.-19.05.2017   8th International Particle Accelerator Conference IPAC 2017   Copenhagen, Denmark link
04.-05.05.2017   ARIES Kick-off meeting   CERN, Switzerland link


Workshop on FEL Photon Diagnostics,
Instrumentation, and Beamline Design
PhotonDiag 2017
  SLAC, USA link
18.-21.04.2017   International Conference on High Energy Density Sciences 2017 (HEDS2017)   Yokohama, Japan link
28.-30.03.2017   4th Annual Meeting EuCARD2   Glasgow, Scotland link
08.-10.03.2017   XBEAM XRING Beam Dynamics meets Vacuum, Collimations and Surfaces   Karlsruhe, Germany  
15.-17.02.2017   4th Workshop on Accelerator Magnets in HTS (WAMHITS-4)   Barcelona, Spain link
13.-17.02.2017   XBEAM Strategy Event   Valencia, Spain  
07.-09.02.2017   Status of Accelerator Driven System Research and technology Development   CERN, Switzerland link
31.01.-02.02.2017   3rd annual meeting of Matter and Technologies   Darmstadt, Germany  
08.-19.12.2016   10th International Accelerator school for Linear Colliders, 2016 LC School   Susono, Japan link
08.-09.12.2016   Low energy Electron Beams for Industrial and Environmental Applications   Warsaw, Poland link
05.-09.12.2016   Focus: Future Frontiers in Accelerators "F3iA 2016"   Scharbeutz, Germany link
01.-02.12.2016   2nd Workshop on Low Emittance Ring Lattice Design 2016   Lund, Sweden link
21.-25.11.2016   XXV Russian Particle Accelerator Confernece, RuPAC 2016   St. Petersburg, Russia link
08.-09.11.2016   Upgrading existing high power proton linacs workshop   Lund, Sweden link
03.-04.11.2016   Universities meet Laboratories   Paris, France link
26.-28.10.2016   Low Emittance Rings workshops 2016   Paris, France link
24.-27.10.2016   eeFACT'16 - 58th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High Luminosity Circular e+e-Colliders   Daresbury, UK link
10.-12.10.2016   CALIFES Workshop   CERN, Switzerland link
25.-30.09.2016   Channeling - Charge & Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena   Sirmione del Garda, Italy link
11.-15.09.2016   International Beam Instrumentation Conference, IBIC   Barcelona, Spain  
15.-16.09.2016   AChIP Collaboration Meeting   Erlangen, Germany  
06.-07.09. 2016   Beschleuniger-Ideenmarkt   DESY, Hamburg link
28.07.-6.8.2016   Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop, IEEE   Oxon Hill, US link
29.6.-1.7.2016   European Plasma Acceleartor Workshop   Pisa, Italy link
17.-23.05.2016   School/Workshop "Trends in FEL Physics"   Erice, Italy link
08.-13.05.2016   IPAC 16   Korea link
26.-28.04.2016   3rd EuCARD2 annual meeting   Malta link
11.-15.04.2016   Future Circular Colllider Week   Rome link
28.03.-1.4.2016   Physics and Applications of High Brightness Beams   Havana, Cuba link
08.-10.03.2016   2nd Annual MT Meeting   KIT, Karlsruhe link
29.2.-2.03.2016   Proton Driver Efficiency   PSI, Zürich link
22.-26.02.2016   4th Conference on High Intensity Laser and Attosecond Science in Israel (CHILI2016)   Tel-Aviv, Israel link
11.-12.02.2016   Apollon FIRE - first user´s meeting   Paris, France link
18.-20.01.2016   Ion Beam Therapy: Clinical, Scientific and Technical Challenges   Birmingham, UK link
01.-04.12.2015   Tesla Technology Collaboration Meeting TTC    SLAC, US link
26.-27.11.2015   EuPRAXIA Kick-Off Meeting   DESY, Hamburg link
06.11.2015   Applications of Thermal Management Materials   CERN, Switzerland link
04.-06.11.2015   Beam Dynamics meets Diagnostics   Italy link
05.-06.11.2015   3rd ELI-ALPS User Worshop   Szeged, Hungary  
29.-30.10.2015   3rd CERN/ERF/ESS Workshop on Energergy for Sustainable Science at Research Infrastructure   DESY, Hamburg link
17-23.10.2015   15th International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Physics Control Systems (ICALEPCS)   Melbourne, Australia link
13-19.09.2015   2nd European Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop   Elba, Italy link
13.-18.09.2015   SRF 2015   Vancouver link
13-17.09.2015   International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2015)   Melbourne, Australia  
1.+02.09.2015   7th DESY Accelerator Idea Market   DESY, Hamburg link
23-28.08.2015   Free Electron Laser Conference FEL 15   Daejeon, Korea  
08-10.07.2015   23rd conference of the Italian Synchrotron Radiation Society   Trient, Italy link
25-26.06.2015   2015 LHeC workshop   Chavannes-de-Bogis + CERN link
21-25.06.2015   CLEO/Europe-EQEC 2015   Munich, Germany link
07-12.06.2015   56th International Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on Energy Recovery Linacs (ERL2015)   Stony Brook, New York, US link
08-10.06.2015   PhotonDiag 2015   Trieste, Italy link

EuCARD-2 Mid-Term Review

  Geneva, Switzerland n/a
11-17.05.2015   International workshop on laser plasma accelerator LPAW 2015   Guadeloupe, France link
10-15.05.2015   CLEO: 2015   San Jose, CA link
03-08.05.2015   15International Particle Accelerator Conference   Richmond, US  
20-24.04.2015   2nd EuCARD-2 Annual Meeting   Barcelona, Spain link
13-16.04.2015   SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics 2015   Prague, Czech Republic link
26-27.03.2015   Compact Accelerators for Isotope Production   Daresbury, UK link
25-27.03.2015   Laser Applications at Accelerators Conference   Palmanova, Spain link
23-27.03.2015   Future Circular Collider Week, 1st Annual Meeting of the FCC study   Washington D.C, USA link
23-24.03.2015   5th Topical Workshop on Beam Diagnostics   Palmanova, Spain link
12-14.03.2015   Photoptics 2015   Berlin, Germany link
11-13.03.2015   AWAKE Collaboration Meeting   CERN, Geneva n/a
02-27.03.2015   Bochum (Kurzzeit- und Plasmaph), Wuppertal (Teilchen- u. Beschleunigerph.), Berlin (SKM), Heidelberg(SAMOP), DPG Frühjahrstagungen   Germany link
24-26.02.2015   Kick Off Meeting Matter und Technologie   DESY, Hamburg link
     17.02.2015   STFC + Particle Accelerators and Beams group workshop on particle accelerators for medicine   STFC, UK link
07-12.02.2015   Photonics West   San Francisco, USA link
28-30.01.2015   DESY Photon Science User´s Meeting   Hamburg, Germany link
12-13.01.2015   Future Muon Sources   Huddersfield, UK link
01-04.12.2014   2nd Beam Dynamics Meets Magnets   Bad Zurzach, Schweiz  
26-28.11.2014   Workshop on Compact an Low Consumption Magnet Design   CERN, Geneva link
23-29.11.2014   CERN Acc. School Plasma Acceleration   CERN, Geneva link
14-17.10.2014   ATF User Meeting and Upgrade Workshop   BNL, US n/a
13-17.10.2014   PCaPAC 2014 (Controls)   Karlsruhe  
05-10.10.2014   Channeling 2014   Capri, Italy link
15-19.09.2014   IBIC14 (Beam Instrumentation)   Monterey, US n/a
14-17.09.2014   2nd intern. science@FELs conference   PSI, Switzerland  
09-10.09.2014   DESY Accelerator Idea Market   DESY Hamburg link
01-05.09.2014   LINAC14   Geneva link
25-29.08.2014   FEL 2014   Basel, Switzerland link
24-29.08.2014   ELI BEAMLINES SUMMER SCHOOL   Prague  
24-28.08.2014   ECRIS14   Nizhny Novgorod link
13-18.07.2014   AAC   Napa, US n/a
30.6-4.7.2014   20th International Beam Dynamics WS   St. Petersburg, Russia  
20-22.06.2014   Symposium in honour of G. Mourou   Michigan, US n/a
15-20.06.2014   IPAC14   Dresden  
12-13.06.2014   EuroNNAC: EU applications (?)   ? n/a
05-06.06.2014   EuroNNAC: EU applications (?)   ? n/a
25-30.05.2014   CAARI 2014 (Acc. Applications)   San Antonio, US link
22/23.05.2014   PIER Advisory Board   DESY Hamburg n/a
19-22.05.2014   EuCARD2 Yearly Meeting   DESY Hamburg link
06-08.05.2014   DESY Machine Advisory Committee   DESY Hamburg n/a
25.04.2014   JUAS 20 Year Celebration   Grenoble link
24-28.04.2014   Electromagnetic Wake Fields and Impedances in Particle Accelerators   Erice, Italy link
30.3.-4.4.2014   DPG with Accelerator Physics   Dresden link
26-28.03.2014   ARD PoF3 Review   Dresden n/a
24.03.2014   ESGARD meeting   CERN, Geneva n/a
20/21.03.2014   EuroNNAc Yearly Meeting, EU applications (?)   ? n/a
17-21.03.2014   EIC14   Newport, US link
19.03.2014   EuCARD2 Steering Meeting   telephone n/a
27/28.02.2014   EuroNNAc Yearly Meeting, EU applications
  Paris n/a
25.02.2014   ARD PoF3 Preparation Meeting   Dresden n/a
12-14.02.2014   Future Circular Collider Kickoff Meeting   CERN, Geneva link
12-13.02.2014   Spin optimization at Lepton Accelerators   Mainz link
04.02.2014   Helmholtz ARD PoF3 Meeting   DESY Hamburg n/a
31.01.2014   Workshop on Plasma Wakefield Acceleration   London, UK link
29-31.01.2014   2014 European XFEL Users' Meeting and Satellite Meetings   DESY Hamburg link
20/21.01.2014   LHeC Workshop   CERN Geneva link
16/17.01.2014   DESY-M Group Leaders Retreat   Lüneburg n/a
15.01.2014   ARD Lunch Seminar FNAL   DESY Hamburg link
14.01.2014   ARD Lunch Seminar LCLS-2   DESY Hamburg link
13.01.2014   Colloquium Brian Foster   DESY Hamburg link