List of possible job descriptions


Fellow position (Post-doc) on SINBAD projects.

DESY is one of the world’s leading research centers for particle accelerators. The SINBAD project will provide a long term infrastructure for accelerator research and development in the field of novel accelerating techniques for the realization of ultra-high gradients and the production of short electron bunches.

The facility will house the construction site of the AXSIS project – a compact R&D program on electron acceleration in THz-laser driven dielectric-loaded waveguides. In addition the facility will benefit from the construction of a conventional S-band linac (called SINBAD- ARES linac) providing ultra-short electron bunches with outstanding arrival time stability and quality.

The position:

  • Responsible for the commissioning and operation of the AXSIS beam diagnostic line.
  • Hold an import role at the THz electron gun test stand.
  • Contribute to the facility construction.
  • Contribute to the commissioning of the SINBAD-ARES linac.
  • Writing routines for beam transport and data analysis.
  • The work will be conducted in a stimulating environment open to world-wide collaboration and exchange.
  • The position is limited to 2 years.



  • PhD in Physics or Electrical Engineering
  • Knowledge and experience in the accelerator physics domain is required.
  • Experience in beam instrumentation and experiments in the accelerator field are an asset.
  • Experience in using accelerator simulation tools is an asset (e.g. VSIM, CST, ASTRA).
  • Ability to integrate into an international team
  • Self-initiative and positive attitude towards scientific discussions with colleagues are highly appreciated.
  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of the German language is of advantage.


Posted online: 12.09.2018

Contact: Dr. Florian Burkart,