Organization of Accelerator R&D at DESY

Overview on accelerator R&D facilities and places at DESY.

DESY Accelerator Research Contacts (this is not an organizational unit but a collaboration of scientists from various divisions and groups)
DESY-M Hamburg
Reinhard Brinkmann +494089983197 DESY Director Accelerator Division, Speaker Helmholtz ARD program

Strategic decisions and resources DESY-M

Ralph Aßmann +494089983187 Leading Scientist

Room-temperature technology and accelerator R&D

Hans Weise


Leading Scientist

Super-conducting technology and accelerator R&D

Klaus Flöttmann +494089982052 Senior Physicist

REGAE Project leader, accelerator physics of short and ultra-dense electron beams

Holger Schlarb +494089984454 Group Leader  Leader of ARD-ST3 (ps and fs beams), modern digital electronics, feedbacks, synchronization
Rainer Wanzenberg  +494089982496 Senior Physicist  Accelerator physics storage rings.

Rainer Wanzenberg


 Senior Physicist PETRAIII coordinator. Ultimate emittance storage rings. 
Nicholas Walker  +494089984570  Senior Physicist Linear Collider accelerator R&D, in particular ILC. 
Christopher Behrens  +494089981796 Post-Doc FLASH studies: FLASH2 plasma beam line and experiment

DESY-M Zeuthen

Frank Stephan +494089987338 Senior physicist PITZ Project Leader, electron beams from photo-cathodes, plasma-induced modulation of long electron bunches          
Jens Osterhoff +494089981854 Helmholtz Junior Research Group Leader

Project Leader FlashForward (beam-driven plasma acceleration), leader Plasma Acceleration Group DESY-FH

Bernhard Schmidt  +494089984943 DESY Group Leader and Lecturer University Hamburg Instrumentation for conventional and advanced beams, plasmas
Eckhard Elsen +494089982565 Senior Physicist DESY and Professor University Hamburg

Super-conducting RF technology. Plasma acceleration. Linear collider concepts.

Key University Hamburg Collaborators
Florian Grüner +494089982468 Professor University Hamburg LAOLA program speaker. Plasma acceleration.                 
Brian Foster  +494089983201 Humboldt Professor University Hamburg and DESY Head of Helmholtz Virtual Institute on Plasma Acceleration. Colliders for Particle Physics.
Bernhard Hidding +494089981531 Professor University Hamburg  Plasma sources and experiments, plasma acceleration         
Jörg Rossbach +494089983617 Professor University Hamburg  FEL accelerator physics, seeding, conventional accelerator physics