ARD Lunch Seminar

Scope of the meeting: Presentation and discussion forum for frontier accelerator R&D

Chairmen: Ralph Assmann, Hans Weise
Practical Organisation: Susanne Schäfer (contact: +49 40 8998 1587, email)
Frequency: Friday once a month, external guest speaker by invitation
Procedure: 40min talk, 10min discussion, 40min lunch and discussion
Location: Building 01b, seminar room 4a/b (maps and directions)
Time: 11:30 - 13:00





The next ARD Lunch Seminar is on March 23, 2018.

List of meetings and links to downloadable files
Date           Speaker           Topic           Links          
 23.03.2018  Benoit Salvant (CERN)
 13.10.2017  Roland Garoby (ESSS)
Status and plans for the European Spallation Source       
 29.08.2017 Constantin Haefner (LLNL)

High average power, diode pumped Petawatt laser systems: a new generation of lasers enabling precision science and commercial applications

application/pdf 2017 08 29_Haefner .pdf (6.9 MB)
DESY colleagues
1. Winfried Decking
2. Julien Branlard
3. Paul Andreas Walker
IPAC 2017 Preview
1. Commissioning of the European XFEL Accelerator
2. Commissioning of the LLRF system for the European XFEL
3. HORIZON 2020 EuPRAXIA Design Study
application/pdf 20170512_Decking (4.3 MB)
 24.02.2017 Gérard Mourou     (IZEST École Polytechnique)

Route to TeV/cm, X-ray Wake Field acceleration  
 03.02.2017  Erik Hemsing (SLAC)

Echo enabled harmonic generation: Experimental results, scaling, and sensitivity

 24.06.2016  Alexei Kanareykin  (Euclid TechLabs)

Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration: from x-band to THz

application/pdf Slides (26.2 MB)
 10.06.2016  Konstantin Lotov (Novosibirsk State University)
LCODE: a code for fast simulations of plasma wakefield acceleration
application/ Slides (7.7 MB)
18.03.2016 Barbara Marchetti (DESY)  ARES - An electron linac for reaching the atto-second regime at SINBAD
application/pdf Slides (3.5 MB)
17.04.2015  Uli Wienands (SLAC)  Channeling, Volume Reflection, γ-Ray Production and Acceleration: The Potential of Crystals for Manipulating Electron Beams of High Energy and Intensity   
02.09.2014 Kwang-Je Kim
An X-ray FEL Oscillator—Performance,Challenges, and Implementations
application/pdf Slides (4.6 MB)
Mike Seidel (PSI) Cyclotrons for Research and Medical Application
application/pdf Slides (7.9 MB)
06.06.2014 Guillaume Devanz (CEA) ESS related SRF R&D
application/pdf Slides (7.9 MB)
23.05.2014 Lucio Rossi (CERN) Superconducting Magnets R&D in the 10-20 T Range for Energy Frontier Machines
application/pdf Slides (6.8 MB)
09.05.2014 Zhirong Huang (SLAC) X-ray FEL R&D: brighter, better and cheaper
application/pdf Slides (6.1 MB)
25.04.2014 André Arnold (HZDR) SRF Gun – A Candidate for Future CW Linear Accelerators?
application/pdf Slides (8.0 MB)
28.01.2014 Peter Hommelhoff (University Erlangen) Laser-based Acceleration of Electrons at Dielectric Structures
application/pdf Slides (2.9 MB)


Vladimir Shiltsev (FNAL) Colliders - Quo Vadis?: Issues and opportunities for ultra-high energy particle accelerators of far-future
application/download Slides (10.9 MB)


Marc Ross (SLAC) LCLS-II SRF issues and plans
application/download Slides (3.4 MB)


Hasan Padamsee (Cornell University, CLASSE) High Q’s for CW SRF Applications
application/pdf Slides (5.9 MB)


Jacek Sekutowicz (DESY) Towards More Flexibility in Operation of the XFEL Linac
application/pdf Slides (5.3 MB)


Frank Zimmermann (CERN) Future High-Energy Frontier Circular Colliders
application/pdf Slides (8.1 MB)


Matthew Wing (UCL / DESY) The AWAKE Experiment at CERN
application/pdf Slides (8.7 MB)