Laboratory for Laser- and beam-driven plasma Acceleration (LAOLA)

The LAOLA collaboration at a meeting in Wismar, Germany.

LAOLA, the Laboratory for Laser- and beam-driven plasma Acceleration is a collaboration between DESY and the University of Hamburg. Its mission is to complement basic research in the relatively new field of plasma wakefield acceleration (PWA) by an explicit combination with DESY's conventional, modern accelerators. The collaboration brings together the presently three experimental projects on DESY site:

  1. The plasma experiment at REGAE (Relativistic Electron Gun for Atomic Exploration) in DESY-Hamburg
  2. The plasma experiment at PITZ (Photo Injector Teststand in Zeuthen) in DESY-Zeuthen
  3. The plasma experiment at the FLASH II accelerator in DESY-Hamburg
  4. The plasma experiment LUX in DESY-Hamburg

Each project is led by a project leader. The overall progress and planning is coordinated in the LAOLA board. In addition, there are regular meetings of the whole collaboration. The DESY ARD effort is deeply involved in LAOLA.